Frequently Asked Questions

In order to best serve you, our experience has helped us compile a list of common customer questions for you to obtain answers to at your convenience.

1) How much do I have to put down to rent a unit?

Nothing, we do not require a security deposit to rent a unit.

2) Do you offer month to month rentals?


3) Do you offer annual rentals?

Yes, and when you pre-pay for 12 months you get 1 month free.

4) If I do not stay until the end of the month do I lose all the month’s rent?

No, we prorate the rent for the month upon move out and send a refund check if there is a credit balance.

5) Are there any hidden or penalty fees?

No, we are very transparent with our fees and value your financial investment in us.

6) How much notice is required to move out and cancel services?

Although we request a 10 day notice when moving out, there is no penalty.  Move out must be done during normal business hours in order to process the paperwork and inspect the unit.

7) What payment options do you offer?

We offer major credit/debit card, check and cash payments, and payments can be made online, via snail mail, or in person, whichever you’d prefer.

8) What is the facility access (gate and unit) hours?

6 AM to 10 PM – 7 days a week

9) Do you offer 24 hour access?

Yes, although it is by exception and special request only.

10) What size storage units do you offer?

We offer many sizes, check out our Storage Sizes page to learn more.

11) How much can a unit hold?

Each unit varies in what it can accommodate for storage, check out our Storage Sizes page to learn more.

12) Do you offer climate controlled units?

Not at this time, although we continue to assess adding this feature to our facility in the future.

13) How accessible is your facility?

Conveniently located off I84, I691, and just off Route 10 in Cheshire.  The facility is all on ground level and easy to navigate throughout with a moving truck or trailer.

14) Do you sell storage supplies and materials on site?

Yes, we offer a variety of items, such as locks, tape, covers, etc.  For a full list download our PDF brochure on this page.

Not finding an answer to your specific question, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.